Posted January 21, 2024

Web3, Talent and The Power of a Strong Personal Brand!

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The year has started with a bang in both the Talent and Crypto worlds. However, it’s worth noting that many are relieved to leave 2023 behind. It was a tough year, particularly for those navigating the job market. As we look forward to what I hope will be smoother sailing in 2024, I want to focus this blog on a critical topic: personal branding.

Understanding Personal Branding

Personal branding is often an afterthought, typically considered only when it’s needed urgently—like during a job search or to help secure an engagement. However, by that point, it’s often too late. Build your personal brand, especially when you don’t feel that you need it, so that it is there when in fact you do.

In short, in a world where job stability is uncertain, your personal brand is a constant that nobody can take from you.

7 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand in 2024

1. Start with LinkedIn: It’s an obvious place to start, but LinkedIn truly is the foundation of your personal brand.

It has over 260m active users and only 1% post regularly, so you have a captive audience.

Before even thinking about a content strategy, though, nail the basics, which means a professional profile picture, a compelling bio, and your work history, skills, etc. start to tell your story.

Your personal brand should broadcast a clear, consistent message about who you are and what you stand for, visible in your profiles, content, and interactions.

2. Showcase Yourself as an Expert: Share valuable insights and thought leadership in your field. Regular contributions on platforms like LinkedIn, where there’s a large audience, can position you as a go-to resource. Sharing those insights consistently on socials can be crucial to moving your presence from online to IRL events.

As part of this process, it’s important that you tap into what truly sets you apart and make that an important part of how you position your personal brand.

3. Creating Impactful Content: Whether it’s blog posts, infographics, or podcasts, your content should educate, inform, motivate, or entertain.

A diversified content strategy will help to showcase depth and help you connect with different people in different ways. When creating content, it’s really helpful to ‘zoom out’ and understand the purpose behind the content you are sharing. Put your audience always at the center of it and understand how it helps them.

4. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms: Not every platform suits every personal brand. LinkedIn is a staple, but platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have their own strengths.

Speaking of TikTok, it’s not just about silly dances; it’s a powerhouse with over 1.5 billion monthly users, offering immense opportunity for diverse content creation. In many instances, it’s outranking Google as a search engine with people searching for keywords on TikTok first!

A word of warning: if your strategy becomes too ambitious too early, then it can be a recipe for failure. One social platform can be time-consuming, let alone all of them, and they all tend to work a little bit differently.

Personally, I spent years building my brand on LinkedIn before adding another dimension, which was the launch of my Podcast, Web3 Disruptors. This year I’m adding ‘threads’ to my content strategy and more short-form video content on TikTok and YouTube Shorts. I only feel capable of adding those additional mediums because I have a solid foundation with my primary channel, which in this instance is LinkedIn.

5. Engage with Your Audience: Interaction builds connections. I cannot stress enough that you must give more than you take. This means responding to comments on your own posts, but it’s also crucial that you engage with other people’s content. Taking ten minutes a day to engage with content from other people in your field will build your brand just as quickly as generating your own content. A thoughtful comment, not just a ‘good post’, will do wonders to help you stand out from the crowd. Make sure you are following the right people in your space to ensure that you optimize the benefits of this activity.

6. Network Strategically: Networking is about making meaningful connections at events, webinars, and meetups. These can lead to mentorships, collaborations, and job opportunities.

I recognize that the concept of ‘networking strategically’ can feel inauthentic for some people, but remember these are not mutually exclusive. Networking can also feel like quite a vulnerable exercise because it involves putting yourself out there. If you are heading to an event, set small and manageable goals ahead of the event to reduce anxiety and make your wins tangible. For example, maybe you don’t have to win over the entire crowd but connecting with 2-3 crucial people with planned follow-up is cause for celebration.

7. Maintain a Professional Online Presence: Authenticity is key, but you do want to be intentional about your personal brand. You decide how you want to show up, but make that consistent and keep in mind that once you post something, you can delete it, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Be mindful of how you present yourself, even on personal social media accounts.

Image credit: Alexander Shatov

In summary, a strong personal brand does more than just open job opportunities; it establishes your unique professional identity, attracting all kinds of opportunities for you in the process.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Threads, and you can check out my Podcast, Web3 Disruptors!

We are excited to bring you more content coming into 2024 and, as always, reach out with comments and questions! If there are topics that you would love to see us tackle in future editions, then drop me a DM—we value your feedback and look forward to bringing you content that will add genuine value.

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