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Posted August 9, 2023

Blockchain and Beyond: Debbie Hoffman on transforming Real Estate with Blockchain

| Author: BlocHaus

what will you learn in this episode?

1. The potential of blockchain technology in transforming the lending and real estate industries:

Debbie Hoffman discusses how blockchain can revolutionize the lending industry by streamlining the supply chain and eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. She highlights the benefits of blockchain in terms of efficiency, pricing, and ease for homeowners.

2. The importance of networking and the inherent opportunities this creates

Debbie emphasizes the need to break out of existing networks and connect with new people in order to create opportunities for board positions and career growth. She encourages individuals to actively seek out mentorship and sponsorship, as well as to advocate for themselves and their skills.

3. The significance of self-care and finding balance in one’s career

We discuss the importance of self-care and define what that can look like. Debbie also introduces the topic of burnout and shares her personal experience of changing careers and reinventing herself.

about the guest:

As a board director and executive leader with expertise in fintech, real estate, mortgage lending, and blockchain, Debbie provides value through innovative thinking and turning thoughts into action. She is a trusted advisor having served on multiple boards including non-profit, advisory and academic institutions, as well as executive leader of committees. Her career includes serving as a legal head of global companies, founding a technology advisory company in the blockchain space, and working for a decade at a prestigious Wall Street law firm.

show notes:

In this episode of Web3 Disruptors, host Ginnette Harvey welcomes Debbie Hoffman, an executive leader, board member, and professor in financial services, legal compliance, and technology innovation.

Debbie shares her journey into the world of blockchain, starting as a full-time attorney in real estate finance and eventually founding her own company in blockchain. She explains how her experience in lending allowed her to see the potential of blockchain technology in transforming supply chains within industries.

Tune in to learn more about Debbie’s career and her insights on the transformative power of blockchain.

links and resources:

Debbie Hoffman’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/debbiekhoffman/

Ginnette Harvey LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ginnetteharvey/ Web3 and Blockchain recruitment: https://www.bloc-haus.com/ Are you being paid fairly? Take the survey: https://www.bloc-haus.com/salary-survey/

time stamps:

02:21 – Blockchain transforming supply chains.

03:32 – Blockchain in the lending industry.

08:58 – Academia and blockchain intersection.

11:11 – Entrepreneur law centers.

16:18 – Lack of diversity on boards.

18:07 – Recycling board members.

21:35 – Building a strong network.

27:41 – Burnout and career transitions.

30:49 – Cryptocurrency regulations and growth.

33:24 – Introducing the show to students.

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