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Posted August 16, 2023

Beyond Centralization: A Dive into Holochain and the future of Web3 with Mary Camacho

| Author: BlocHaus

what will you learn in this episode?

1. The concept of Web3 and its potential.

You will learn about the evolution of the internet and the emergence of Web3, which aims to address the dangers of centralization and control issues of Web2. Through Mary’s guidance, you will understand the importance of creating decentralized systems that empower individuals and communities, and the potential for Web3 to foster collaboration, innovation, and regenerative economies.

2. Understanding Holochain and its benefits.

Holochain is an open-source platform for developing applications. It provides a neutral territory for coordination at scale, allowing for peer-to-peer interactions without the need for centralized intermediaries. You’ll also discover the advantages of Holochain, such as data ownership, transparency, and the ability to create customized applications for various purposes.

3. Navigating the Web3 space and career advice.

You’ll receive valuable advice on navigating the Web3 space and practical advice on how you can propel your career forward in this field. 

about the guest:

Mary is the Executive Director of Holochain and the current CEO at Holo.  Holochain provides a neutral territory for coordination at scale, a technology needed for solving global problems and fostering thriving, regenerative, creative communities and economies. Mary drives innovation and delivery with a global and culturally diverse team.

show notes:

In this episode of Web3 Disruptors, host Ginnette Harvey welcomes Mary Camacho, the executive director of Holochain and CEO at Holo. Mary discusses her journey in the Web3 space and explains how the internet and dynamics of engagement have changed over the years, leading to centralization and control by a few big players. Mary believes that there are dangers in this model and advocates for a decentralized and disintermediated approach to collaboration and communication. 

Tune in to learn more about Mary’s career and her insights on Web3.

links and resources:

Mary Camacho’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryfcamacho

Ginnette Harvey LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ginnetteharvey/

Web3 and Blockchain recruitment: https://www.bloc-haus.com/ 

Are you being paid fairly? Take the survey: https://www.bloc-haus.com/salary-survey/ 

time stamps:

05:40 – Web3 disrupts centralized internet control.

08:41 – Decentralized peer-to-peer applications without currency.

13:41 – Data ownership and decentralized architecture.

20:49 – Imposter syndrome holds people back.

24:09 – Focus on strengths, not challenges.

30:03 – Find your passion and sweet spot.

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